Thursday, November 2, 2006

Taffeta? I Don't Even Know Her!

So, I totally missed the memo on being engaged, I think. There’s a website that I am on all day consult from time to time called The Knot, and it is so full to bursting of taffeta, tulle, tips & tricks that your brain will quickly rot down to the size of a single, perfect boutonniere if you are not careful. I have not been careful; I have thrown myself head first into planning, letting my control freak neuroses roam free as I make lists, pore over wedding magazines, and envision myself in various types of Swarovski-encrusted shoes. Of course, now I read The Knot’s “just engaged” advice, which recommends just “lingering on Cloud 9” for awhile. Now, I have never really liked to linger anywhere, especially when there are fun things to be planned, or guest lists to be alphabetized. Even when there’s nothing to do, I make lists. I’ve only ever had two successful naps in my life, and one of those was technically alcohol poisoning.

I think that now is as good a time as any to slow down. I mean, last night, I was near tears because Jeff expressed doubt that we should incorporate the hora into our wedding reception. The hora. I’m not even really Jewish. I am definitely waaay to close to Bridezilla territory and I have eleven and a half months to go.


Cloud 9 probably isn’t so bad, I guess. Jeff and I can roll around in fluffy pillows and feed each other Tootsie Rolls. I can, I don’t know, bask in the glow that comes, presumably, from the anticipation of being registered for many electronic appliances. Oh, and true love. That too. Here’s a scary thought, though: what if my Cloud 9 is planning? I guess if that’s the case, I should hot-foot it back down to the ground pronto, into my baby’s lovin’, lovin’ arms.

P.S. That photo up top is called "Ham Girl". That is all.

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