Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Have Way More to Be Thankful for than the Pilgrims Did. Cuter Shoes, For One.

Things I am thankful for, in no particular order (well, actually, that’s a lie – I’m putting all of my touchy-feely items first. No one wants to be listed after Tootise Roll midgies.)

My soon-to-be husband, the love of my life;
My mother, who does a mean jitterbug;
My sister, who I would love even if she lived in an igloo made out of toilet paper rolls;
My father, who brings down the house;
My extended LaMarche family, who have lovely, wicked senses of humor;
My extended Chuse family, who have art in their blood;
My new Zorabedian family, who have welcomed me into their scatological clan;
My beautiful, brilliant friends, who keep me sane;
Tootsie Roll midgies (coming in at a respectable 9th);
The Sunday Times crossword;
Nina Simone;
A good cabernet;
Street musicians;
Blue jeans;
Just-picked Macoun apples;
Red nail polish;
Arrested Development (the show, not the hip-hop group, although they’re pretty awesome, too);
Lombardi’s pizza;
Block Island;
Nora Ephron;
Garrison Keillor;
Central Park;
And, of course, cute shoes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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