Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hello From Guest Blogger Christmas Una!

I am sad to say that for the next 40 days I will not be posting in my right mind (do I ever post in my right mind, you ask? To which I say: touché). Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, my sarcastic and self-deprecating demeanor is replaced with the kind of cheery, snowy, sparkly optimism one expects to find in Santa’s most medicated elf. I just love the holidays. I LOVE them. I don’t know where this comes from. I guess it’s just part inborn, part because my parents always made a big deal of the holidays, and part because I have never had a traumatic experience that tainted my Christmas cheer forever (my grandfather had two aneurysms around the holidays, but was good enough to wait until December 26 both times. He was a big Christmas fan, too – always with his fake tree that spent the other 11 months of the year in the closet, fully trimmed – and I remember that he referred to Jesus quite often, mostly in times of great frustration, and with “H. Christ!” tacked on to the end). So, you know, it’s innate.

I am just one of those people who find comfort in the bright and joyful (some might say façade, I say…) magic of the holiday season. I truly believe, deep down, that cold weather plus red plus green plus trees plus eggnog plus overpriced gift wrap results in peace, love, and goodwill towards men. I have the spirit of Linus and George Bailey and Bill Murray at the end of Scrooged combined. I hang lights and stockings and plan entire days around the baking of reindeer-shaped cookies. I have an almost scary affection for Christmas music, which you can find me listening to as soon as the tryptophan hits my bloodstream.

So basically, if you thought Engaged Una was bad, get ready for Christmas Una.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, y’all!


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  1. Oh I have a feeling that sarcastic Una may show her face a few times during the holiday shopping rush or perhaps after lugging a 400 pound christmas tree in the snow...But it is true: wine, presents, chocolate and muppets dressed as scrooge do seem to create a jolly little una.


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