Friday, October 20, 2006

One Singular Sensation

I am already prone to emerging from Broadway musicals doing high kicks and swooning “I want to be a dancer!”, so going to see A Chorus Line last night was basically inviting a big, sparkly, lamé aneurysm.

And I loved every minute of it! If I could go back in time to when I was six and demand that I wanted to be a dancer, future saddlebags be damned, I so totally would.


  1. I wouldn't recommend it. I played Greg in A Chorus Line some years ago. The choreography was slightly modified from the original, but not enough to cater to our amateur levels. Short story: I got my ass kicked.

  2. I've attended many a performance of The Nutcracker. My grandmother used to take me every year, in fact. One particular year stands out. It was a year that I went with someone other than my grandmother for one. Secondly, just before the end of the first act, the six year old in front of me said 'Mama, I want to DANCE' in a stage whisper. Her mama whispered back 'alright, honey, when we get home, you can dance.' The precious angel responded (full volume)'NO, Mama, I want to dance NOW!' and made a break for the center aisle - I know how she felt. I feel that way any time I watch a dance performance... unless it's amateur 'modern' dance which isn't really dance at all... now professional contemporary dance, THAT sets my toes a-tappin'!


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