Friday, September 8, 2006

It's My Blog and I'll Be Self-Involved If I Want To

Today I got this anonymous comment on "The Ice Cream Thief and Other Stories":

I think you missed the point.
The whole incident should have made you less self-involved, but it seems only to have made you more so.
How sad.

Okay, first of all? If you're going to insult me please don't do it anonymously.

Secondly, I never claimed not to be self-involved. Hello -- I have a blog. It's like public psychological masturbation.

Finally, while I do feel bad about hurting my roommates' feelings, it's not about to make me change my entire world view. I learned my lesson, and my lesson was NOT Do not make fun of others. My lesson was Do not make fun of others in a public forum, because people take themselves way too seriously and have major sticks up their asses.

Throw at me whatcha got, pious anonymous commenter. And if you think I'm so self-involved, don't read my blog. In other words, if you can read this, you're missing the point.


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