Thursday, August 17, 2006


Dear Readers (I could list you by name, but for the sake of dignity I'll pretend there are some out there I'm not related to),

Last night, praising my online persona, the love of my life said to me:

"You're a sassy curmudgeon who can turn a good phrase."

He set the bar high, but I know you guys are up to the challenge.

I'm re-vamping my resume and want to find more colorful things like this to aid me in pitching my writing and my personality to potential editor and employers.

The best one-liner will win dinner with -- you guessed it -- the sassy curmudgeon, during which I will get too drunk and speculate about the sham of fake-baby Suri Cruise.

Post as comments or email me. Happy veiled insulting!

1 comment :

  1. The mellifluously named Una LaMarche writes poems with her voice, composes dances with her footsteps, and paints masterpieces with her gaze; a thing of beauty, she creates beauty more wherever she goes.


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