Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Non-Sequitur

I like making lists. To-Do lists, grocery lists, lists of all of the clothes I own (no, really, since I was twelve and started going to Camp Onas and they made us tape inventory lists to the insides of our trunks; something about writing down all of my possessions on paper made me feel like I had a lot of stuff, and to this day it calms me. Shut up.), exercise schedules (ha!), food diaries (which is a funny idea when you think about it – you can pretty much translate it as if it were a real diary, but in caloric code: “Breakfast = Wheat bran with bananas” means “Am feeling self-punitive; have $1.17 in checking account”; “Peanut butter brownie with Twix bar chaser, 3pm” means “I hate my job.”) – where was I ? Geez, I’ve finally done it: I’ve digressed myself into a corner. This paragraph needs to die.

Aaaaanyway, I like making lists. In fact, I should have made this a list. Or would that have been too cute and obvious?

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