Thursday, July 6, 2006

Post for Adri on the Horrors of Naked Britney

I recently got the following email from my dear friend Adri who lives in Davis, CA:

una, you MUST write a blog about that nasty ass britney spears and the
naked photo of her on that magazine cover. can you believe that shit?

It hasn't come out yet, but those of you who read the gossip blogs (or In Touch Weekly) know that, in a forthcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar, Britney Spears poses naked and pregnant on the cover (and inside as well, I presume, but I'm fine with the one horrific mental image for now).

Don't get me wrong -- I like Britney, in spite of myself. I want her to pick herself up and turn her life around, but I'm not optimistic; she's kind of like the mangy, retarded pigeon that one hopes will not waddle in front of a taxi on 5th Avenue. There's nothing you can really do but pray that God really loves His wretches. Then again, presumably He made Kevin Federline.

The pregnant Britney cover wouldn't be so offensive if Demi Moore hadn't already done it and looked a whole lot classier. I mean, isn't it sad? Look at gorgeous, bronzed, voluptuous, mature Demi and then look at pudgy, pasty, washed-out, baby-faced Britney.

Has it really come to this? Why couldn't it have been Angelina Jolie? WHY??????

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