Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Quarterlife Kiss My Ass

From an Im conversation I had today with a close friend, who currently works at a well-respected media company but is having pesky "What am I doing with my life?" thoughts:

unamatata (5:01:05 PM): all i'm saying is that there's no need to move quickly if you don't know where you want to go
unamatata (5:01:31 PM): it will come ... if you try and move fast, you might waste time
unamatata (5:02:31 PM): i just hate that I feel so stressed out, and when I think about it I realize that I need to stop putting so much pressure on myself to know immediately what I want to do and where I need to go. And I think we all would be a lot happier if we stopped worrying.
My friend (name withheld to protect her anonymity) (5:06:09 PM): I hope you're right.
unamatata (5:07:56 PM): I AM right
unamatata (5:08:15 PM): and if I'm not, still, what's the fucking point of making yourself sick worrying?
My friend (5:09:07 PM): It's true.
My friend (5:09:27 PM): but i feel sometimes that i need to worry or i won't ever move.
unamatata (5:11:22 PM): yes, but here's my perspective: you've been at this job how long? - six months? there is such a thing as getting TOO nervous and moving TOO quickly.
unamatata (5:11:56 PM): if you move too quickly from thing to thing, you never let the natural progression play out.
unamatata (5:25:50 PM): i'm going to write a book
unamatata (5:26:00 PM): called "quarterlife kiss my ass"
unamatata (5:26:18 PM): i am really sick of all of the pressure put on us to act like we're 45 when we're 25.
unamatata (5:26:51 PM): we're supposed to "get on the right career path" and "manage our finances" and basically have the kind of stability that used to be reserved fro old married couples
unamatata (5:27:21 PM): we're in our fucking twenties! If we can manage to pay our rent and not end up with negative account balances, we are doing just A-fucking-OK!
unamatata (5:27:44 PM): what happened to the time when your twenties was supposed to be your decade to fuck up?
unamatata (5:28:20 PM): they are supposed to be the "me" years, not the "me and my future real estate prospects and retirement fund" years

So, apart from seeing that I kind of didn't let her get a word in edgewise, you can tell that I'm rather vehemently filled with venomous hatred for the term "quarterlife crisis" and all that it entails. I cannot count the number of conversations I've had with friends lately in which someone brings up feeling stressed out and worthless because they don't have a perfect, stable, happy, financially sound, success-filled life at the age of 25. I am seriously going to write a book. Either that or turn into a crazy prostheletizing drunkard.

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