Friday, April 7, 2006

Google suce.

A few months ago, the director of the film I'm working on freaked out and demanded color images of the French Revolution, ASAP. Being somewhat crazed, I went online and pulled what I found, not really bothering to check the sources.

Now, three of these images are slated to appear in our film and it is my job to get permission to use them. They are part of the collection of the Musee Carnavalet in Paris. Here is a fax that I wrote using Babel Fish:

À qui de droit :

Je fais un film pour PBS et je voudrais commander des reproductions (des photographies ou des images de JPEG) de trois des peintures dans votre collection :

1. " Massacre du Marquis De Pellepont le 14 juillet 1789", par Charles Thevenin

2. "Prise de la Bastille et arrestation de M. De Launay", par Charles Thevenin

3. "Une execution capitale", par Pierre-antoine Demachy

Veuillez me contacter à 1 212 582 8211 x175 ou à
Je fais des excuses pour mon Français faible ; Je ne le parle pas bien.

To those of you that speak French, don't tell me how incorrect my syntax is; I don't want to hear it. Just heed my warning: never rely on anything you find using a Google image search. Google won't write your embarrassingly backwards international emails for you. Or, they
will, but they'll do it badly.

Google est la ma béquille et le fléau de mon existence.

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