Friday, March 10, 2006

They Say It's Spring ...

Can I just say … today the clouds opened up and sunlight shone down upon my tired, (self-diagnosed) SAD-suffering, pasty-pale little self. Spring is on its way! Then summer! The beach! Aaaaaah! Bare legs! Aaaaah! Outdoor cafes and balmy nights and street vendors selling Italian ices! Aaaaaaaah!

I used to have an odd preference for the winter – I always looked forward to hot chocolate, snow storms, and holiday cheer. I was a weird kid who didn’t like heat, perhaps because we never had air conditioners growing up. I always associated summer with lying naked in bed, unable to sleep despite the ten fans I had trained directly on my body. I had to take a cold shower right before bed, jump in, and fall asleep before I dried off, otherwise I stood no chance.

You know what, though? Bring that shit ON. Bring it ON. Winter SUCKS.

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