Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I know, I know, I've been MIA (sadly, I mean Missing In Action, NOT the extremeley hot Sri Lankan rap sensation. I wish I was her.)

To tide you over, here is a little interactive quiz about my life over the past week.

I have not blogged because:

A. I have been sick.
B. I have been working hard.
C. I simply don't care.
D. Oprah called me on my bullshit.

True or false:

1. I don't have a computer at home anymore because ...

2. I lent it to my boyfriend who ...

3. Is using it to scan his negatives and ...

4. That means I can only blog at work which ...

5. Kind of gets in the way of my doing any actual work and ...

6. I am already so stressed that I could snap at any moment and ...

7. Even though writing would no doubt alleviate this condition ...

8. If I write at work I will fall behind so ...

9. Jeff had better let me use my own computer if he knows what is good for him, i.e. ...

10. If he doesn't want me to suffer a complete mental break.

Fun, right????

Okay, now fill in the blanks:

1. Yesterday my temperature was _______ degrees. I stayed home from work and rented ____ movies from Blockbuster. I stayed in bed for _____ hours straight. A good word to describe my mood was ______________.

2. When I arrived at work today the pile on my desk was _____ feet high. Every time my phone rang I _________ it (hint: the answer is NOT "answered"). I dealt with my stress by stealing __________ from the office next door.

What you can expect to read about once I can get my ass in gear:

My genetic predisposition toward athletic failure, or "yet again, I try to take a simple run in Prospect Park and realize why I never do this";

Why I am the world's worst sick person;

My date with a feminist recluse in Coney Island; and

Dr. Schwartzburt, or How I Learned to Pay No Attention to My Doctor and Eat Chocolate and Drink Coffee So As to Prevent a Schizophrenic Episode.

Thanks for reading. I promise I'll be back soon.

1 comment :

  1. Anonymous1:00 AM

    WORD sister. I went to that lady and after a 6 hour wait and a 2 minute meeting she wrote me a prescription for zoloft....which I promptly threw away because the only reason I was so stressed out to begin with was because she made me wait 6 fucking hours in the lobby of LICH. actually I think I saved the prescription if you'd like it haha...I also have some meds left over from getting my wisdom teeth out if you need them to help you get through your work days.


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