Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Would-Be Life of a Secret Writer

The title of this blog came to be because over the past year I couldn't help but notice how many books bore titles beginning "The Secret Life of ..."

We've been let in on the secret lives of lobsters, germs, God, families, water. kids, DNA, cells, dogs, puppets, plants, dust, cats, food, nature, sharks, the brain, and the Seine, not to mention a few real people (Bill Clinton, J. Edgar Hoover) and multiple fictional personalities.

I figured I would capitalize on title gold, but when it comes to secret lives, I have few that people would be interested in reading about. Try these on for size:

The Secret Life of a Historical Documentary Film Archivist
The Secret Life of a Former Member of the Babysitters Club Fan Club
The Secret Life of a Hunt-and-Peck Typist
The Secret Life of Someone Who Thinks She Might Be Lactose-Intolerant

In truth, the secret life of a would-be writer isn't very secret: we write, and we try to get people to pay us for it. I did get a great idea for a screenplay today, which I'm very excited about. It springs from the shallowest part of my life, so I figure it's bound for fame. I'm saving my dark, personal drama (about a young girl with a unibrow and a dream to dance) for later in my career.

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